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She said she could, so she did

laid back attitude, confident style


Hello, let me introduce you to Ms. Prissy Magazine!


I’m so excited to share this site with you, to tell you how intrigued I am to be the editor of something I created.  As a child/teenager I loved magazines, my mother was an avid subscriber to many, so I think it was quite natural that I gravitated to them, and I’m sure they sparked the idea that I could create my own and my love of being creative.

Many years later and here I am launching the magazine that I’ve never stopped thinking about.  Ms. Prissy is a lifestyle site for women who like myself love to talk about everything, from fashion and food to pedicures and politics, and all the in betweens.  It’s where we get to share stories, celebrate accomplishments, and inspire us all to go after our dreams.  

It’s the platform where we get to say what’s on our minds, through visually engaging content.

I hope you enjoy it and come back often,

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