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editor's letter

One of the hardest things in life can be trying to figure out what you need or want to do.

So what do you say to a couple of friends you're having lunch with on a beautiful day, eating great food, and having good conversation or at least it was until I was asked again about my magazine.  For a quick second my mind went blank, I wasn't expecting anyone to bring that up, but damn here goes, and I hear myself saying, nothing, nothing is going  on with it.  I've been working on it in my spare time and that's it; but the other part that I don't say is that being an over-analyzer doesn't help, all it does is keep me thinking way beyond the present moment, and worrying about all the what if's.  Intrigued by my answer I suppose, I heard my friends say, well don't give up just start it and put it out there,  the other one says it's your passion, you've been talking about it forever, and finally, the one comment that really makes me sit up is, if you don't try you are going to always wonder WTF!!!

So when I get in my car and start driving home, my thoughts are all over the place.  My mind drifts back to all the times I've said I'm going to create a magazine and haven't, and to all the reasons why I haven't, and just like that I know it's time to do it or shut up.  I've talked about it enough, now it was time for action, and so I came home and started working on it........

I've thought about how I want my site to look, and what I want to say, it's a little overwhelming but for me it's simple, I have great conversations with family and friends, we talk about everything, nothing is left off the table, and that's how I want this to feel as if I'm talking to friends. I want it to be vibrant and engaging, a space for women like myself who enjoy talking everything and all the in betweens.   

I can honestly say that creating this site took more time than I thought, caused me some frustration, and even made me step away but just for a minute, okay maybe two, three or four, but I didn't stop, and I wouldn't change a thing because truthfully creating Ms. Prissy Magazine has been a labor of love. It's taken awhile to get her, but the passion for it is still there, it has never left and now launching this magazine feels like a breath of fresh air.  It excites me to be sharing this new journey of mine, I hope you enjoy and come back often.