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No time like the present to hit the refresh button and start doing what makes you happy.

As I sit here listening and singing along to Cheryl Lynn's "Encore", I'm writing my first post for my newly created  website Ms. Prissy.   I'm excited about communicating with my community, sharing my thoughts and ideas and having fun doing it, after a lot of soul searching, and not being able to get the creative ideas out of my head (daily), the creative side won.

Thinking about this site, how I wanted it to look and what I wanted it to say was a little overwhelming, but my plan was simple, I wanted it to be vibrant and engaging, a space for women like myself, who enjoy talking about everything and all the in bet-weens. It's where I can pursue my passions, thought and ideas and  where we get to share our stories, celebrate our accomplishments, and empower us all to believe in ourselves.

Although creating this site took up a lot of my time and thoughts caused me some frustration and even made me step away for a moment, I wouldn't change a thing, because truthfully creating Ms. Prissy has been a labor of love, the passion for it has never left, and now launching Ms. Prissy Magazine feels like a breath of fresh air.  It excites me to be sharing this new journey of mine, I hope you enjoy it and come back often.



Stephaine Williams, editor