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There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish." - Michelle Obama


I started Ms.Prissy Magazine because I had trouble finding a blog that encompassed everything I was looking for.  I wanted one that was inclusive, one that talk about more than just fashion.  Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, but there are so many other things I like to see and talk about just as much.  I wanted one that encompassed everything and that offered different perspectives on the everyday and interesting lives of women.

Women like myself who are not famous but have a lot to say.  They are comfortable with themselves, engaged with what's going on in there cities, communities and the world.  They are fashionable, fit, intelligent, thoughtful and the list goes on.


Ms. Prissy Magazine is a woman's lifestyle website that hopes to empower, inspire & celebrate who we are, what we like, and what we have to say.  We believe we have our eyes on everything, from fashion and food to pedicures and politics and all things in betweens.  We aim to publish insightful and relate-able articles that touch on all facets of women's lives.

Don't Let The Name Fool Ya

Ms. Prissy is sassy, sexy, smart and sophisticated.  She is beautiful chic and fiercely independent.  She's opinionated, and occasionally outspoken, but only when needed.  She has incredible style, she's friendly and funny, she's a leader who is extraordinary.  Ms. Prissy is every woman, it's the confidence and pride you have in yourself, your independent spirit, and the go-getter attitude that keeps you moving forward.

The Optimist Behind The Brand

The founder, author and creative director of Ms. Prissy Magazine is Stephaine Williams.  Having a love for fashion and writing has kept my creative soul busy.  Magazines and novels inspired me to write, my grandmother inspired me with her hard work and entrepreneurial spirit and my mother inspired me with her style.  As a visual stylist, I always enjoy the people I meet and the places I travel, these encounters provide me with an endless source of pleasure and creativity.